Penned By Eileen Brady


Kate is settling into her year-long contract to replace a vacationing veterinarian, and becoming quite settled into the job and the town. An long-distance romance and a nearby romantic temptation complicate her life. When an elderly woman is murdered after telling Kate that she saw evil in the town, Kate is involved in a hunt for an FBI most wanted killer. I love Kate’s character…she is very realistic…mixed-up, unsure of her future, yet strong when she needs to be. The addition of the animals in her life adds to the charm of the story, especially Billy the Goat. This book is even better than the first in the series.


The Cats Came Back By Sofie Kelly


The Cats Came Back is a great addition to the Magical Cats series. I enjoyed the mystery and the very positive, warm, fuzzy feeling that came with the ending. Kathleen’s friend is photographing her special cats, Hercules and Owen, when they find a body. Kathleen investigates and her boyfriend, Marcus (the sheriff) is coming to terms with her involvement. The friends Kathleen has made have become her second family and support each other. This was a great cozy mystery.

No Grater Danger By Victoria Hamilton


Jaymie is settling in happily to married life to Jakob and his daughter Jodie. Jaymie is asked by Jocie’s principal to do a presentation on the spice trade and use antique nutmeg graters to involve the children in the lesson. Jaymie contacts an elderly neighbor who is a descendant of a family prominent in the spice trade and has a large collection of the antique graters. When Jaymie finds the old lady after a bad fall down some stairs, and then odd events begin piling up, she starts asking questions. A true cozy mystery, with loving family and respect for heritage, this is a great addition to the Vintage Kitchen Mysteries.

Be Our Ghost By Kate Kingsbury


Melanie and her grandmother, Liza, own and operate a B&B in a quite town on the Oregon coast. Their B&B also happens to be haunted by a laughing ghost. Now a pushy developer wants to build an arcade in town and turn their quiet down into a tourist destination. When the developer is murdered, Melanie and Liza are on the case, intent on clearing a friend of the crime. This is a fun, cozy read with a great setting and wonderful characters. This is the third in a series, but works as a stand-alone (though the series is worth a read)!

The Guilty Dead P.J. Tracy


I loved this addition to the Monkeewrench series! This is a fast-paced read that hooked me from the start. The tension builds as the FBI, Minneapolis police, and the Monkeewrench gang rush to solve hints of domestic terrorism, current deaths and an old death. Grace and Magozzi are expecting their first baby soon, but that doesn’t stop Grace from working with her group to track down the terror threat. Tracy weaves the various strands of the story together masterfully. Can’t wait to read the next one!


Burning Ridge By Margaret Mizushima


Mattie and her K-9 partner Robo are on the search for a killer and it soon becomes personal. Mattie is anxious about meeting her estranged brother soon and the memories of her past are disturbing her. Robo helps keep her balanced and she is making more friends now. Mattie becomes the next target of the killer and now she is the one who needs rescued. I loved the way the story of Mattie’s troubled past is woven into the current hunt for a cruel and vicious killer and the growth of Mattie’s character. Put this series at the top of your TBR list!


Paradox By Catherine Coulter


In Paradox, Savich and Sherlock are called in when a search of a lake for a murder victim’s body leads to the discovery of multiple skeletons. There are two mysteries to be solved which are entwined at the end for a satisfying conclusion. With interesting characters, a clever mystery, and a quick pace, Paradox is a terrific addition to the FBI Thriller series.

Toucan Keep a Secret By Donna Andrews


Meg is locking up the church one evening (since pastor Robyn is on bed rest) when she sees a light in the crypt. She calls 911 and goes to check it out and finds a body on the floor and several niches broken into. The dead man is an unpleasant, unpopular member of the congregation, so was he killed by a fellow church member or is his death related to something in the past? We see less of Meg’s crazy family and the animals in this book. A fun read and a good mystery, centered on Meg and her investigation. It was a pleasant read on a summer day.

Rescued By David Rosenfelt


The Andy Carpenter series continues to be a delightful read. Andy and his eccentric friends must find evidence to clear Laurie’s former boyfriend of murder. The killing occurs in a semi truck (full of dogs being transported to a shelter), and all the evidence points to his guilt. An excellent mystery, seasoned with the sense of humor that keeps me chuckling as the mystery keeps me intrigued.

Claws for Alarm By Karen MacInerney


Claws for Alarm continues a terrific Gray Whale Inn Mystery series. A new couple has moved to the island and now the wife is out to change everything about the island to a magazine-cover style. She is now the most disliked person on the island, but the whole island is unsettled. Natalie’s guests at the Inn are a yoga retreat group, but they are definitely not in harmony! Her mother-in-law and her boyfriend are on the outs, her niece is too busy to plan her wedding, and her best friend is mad at her boyfriend and ready to leave the island! Great characters, an island setting in Maine that you want to visit (or move to), and an intriguing mystery make this another great cozy in this series!

Available: May 30, 2018