Murder in the Reading Room By Ellery Adams


Jane is the Guardian of a very special and secret library in Storyton Hall, where books are as essential as air to life. Jane, mother of young twin boys, finds her position as Guardian puts her family and friends in danger. When her lover, Edwin, is taken prisoner, she takes action to free him. And from there, the story becomes even more complicated. I love this series…the characters, the friendships, the setting, the love of books, combines with mysteries and secret societies to make a perfect blend. If you love books and reading, you’ll love and identify with this series.


Knit One, Die Two By Peggy Ehrhart


Knit One, Die Two is the third book in A Knit & Nibble Mystery series, but the first I have read. I’ve now added the first two to my TBR list! Pamela and her best friend Bettina are members of a knitting group that gathers weekly to knit, eat, and talk. One of their newer members is an unpleasant young woman who is an actress in the community theatre. When she is killed in an apparent accident, Pamela and Bettina aren’t convinced it was an accident and begin digging into motives and alibis. I love that Pamela’s college-aged daughter is always worrying about her mom! A great book to pick up and read when taking a break from your latest knitting project.

Thread on Arrival By Lea Wait


Angie is busy with her Mainely Needlepoint business, but she still finds time to help her friends. Ike, a long-time resident who, though slow, made a meager living by collecting bottles and cans, is found beaten and stabbed. Leon, a young runaway, was a friend of Ike’s and is a suspect in his death. Angie doesn’t believe Leon is a killer, but is able to put the clues together to find the true murderer. A cozy mystery, set in a close-knit small town, this was an enjoyable story.

Sifting Through Clues By Daryl Wood Gerber


Jenna’s book club is having a progressive dinner, but when they reach the house for dessert, they find the body of one of their members. It seems many residents of the small town have had disagreements with the murdered woman and even the police chief’s mother is a suspect! All of her friends expect Jenna to do some snooping of her own and, of course, she does. This was a good mystery with warm characters and a charming setting.

Mother’s Day Mayhem By Lynn Cahoon


Mother’s Day Mayhem is a warm-hearted, quick ready for Mother’s Day. Jill, the owner of a coffee and mystery bookshop, is nervous because she’ll be meeting her boyfriend’s mother for the first time. Meantime, a young man and friend is trying to get in touch with the mother who deserted him long ago. Jill and Greg (her boyfriend) investigate to find out why she is rebuffing her son once again. Light on the mystery, this is still an enjoyable addition to the series.

The Loch Ness Papers By Paige Shelton


In The Loch Ness Papers, Delaney is preparing for her wedding. Delaney has moved to Edinburgh from Kansas and works for a quirky bookshop, The Cracked Spine, and its eccentric owner who also has a warehouse full of oddities that Delaney is cataloging and researching. Her parents and brother are coming to Scotland for the wedding, but Delaney is caught up in a mystery involving the Loch Ness monster, a slightly unbalanced old man, and the death of his nephew. Does Nessie exist? Who killed the nephew? And will Delaney find a wedding dress in time? This series is full of wonderful, warm characters, humor, and delightful mysteries. Brew a cuppa and sit down with some shortbread and enjoy!

Something Read, Something Dead By Eva Gates


The Lighthouse Library suffers damage during a storm, threatening the future of the building. Lucy, who lives and works in the library, soon has bigger concerns. Lucy’s cousin, Josie, is planning a small wedding, but her grandmother and family have much grander ideas. When Josie’s cousin is killed, she becomes the primary suspect. Lucy is on the case, asking questions and checking leads. I like the characters in this series and the setting is the kind of place you’d love to visit (or live there). Will the library be saved? Will Josie have the wedding she wants? Brew a cup of tea, sit down, and enjoy.

The Stranger Diaries By Elly Griffiths


The Stranger Diaries is a separate novel from Elly Griffiths two series. Clare teaches English in a local comprehensive school. She’s also writing a book about the author of The Stranger, a Victorian gothic story. When her best friend at the school is murdered and a quotation from The Stranger left beside the body, Clare becomes a suspect and a possible next victim. She discovers writing in her diary which terrifies her. The story is told from three viewpoints…Clare, her daughter and the police. The story, The Stranger, is woven throughout the book. The story flows well and is intriguing; the solution to the mystery was a total surprise.

Wild Country By Anne Bishop


Wild Country is the second in the world of the Others series and feels more like the original series. Set in Bennett, a town the Elders will allow the Terra Indigene to rule and where some approved humans will be allowed to live and work. The humans and Others must learn to co-exist and work together, but outlaws and evil men want to take over the town…something the Elders will never allow. The story centers around Jana, a young female deputy, just out of the police academy and unfamiliar with shapeshifters, who must learn to work for a Wolfgard sheriff. I enjoy this series and the world Anne Bishop has created. Humans are prey to the Others and must earn acceptance to survive in this world. Can’t wait for the next book!

The Last Woman in the Forest By Diane Les Becquets


There’s a serial killer in the west, and Marianne begins to think he may be her boyfriend. Marianne works as a dog handler on conservation projects and meets Tate, a fellow dog handler and apparently her soul-mate. When Tate dies, she learns that Tate had lied to her about many things. Did she really know him at all? A psychological thriller, in a beautiful setting, told in a hopscotch manner, jumping between past and present, The Last Woman in the Forest was really not suspenseful until close to the end. It was interesting and well-written, but don’t look for nail-biter.