Fatal Game By Linda Ladd


Claire and Nick are back from their honeymoon and settling into life with their young ward, Rico. The flu has many of the local police force down, so Claire is back on homicide temporarily. A beautiful young girl is killed and displayed in a very disturbing manner, and soon Claire is a target. The killers are trul terrifying, but nicely balanced by the warmth of Claire and her family and friends. This is a real page-turner!


Fixing to Die By Miranda James


An’gel and Dickey Ducote are elderly sisters, gentile but not soft! I love reading about these two feisty southern ladies and their adventures…their bodies may be slowing them down, but their minds are sharp and able to figure out the occasional mystery. The sisters are now visiting the granddaughter of an old friend who believes her old home is haunted. It turns out that a haunting is the least of their troubles…there’s a greedy cousin and his horrible sister, a (maybe) fake psychic, and tensions between everyone! When the greedy cousin is found dead, everyone is a suspect and the sisters are determined to solve the mystery. This is truly a cozy mystery with wonderful characters, charming setting, and a good mystery. I hope there will be more of the Southern Ladies Mysteries.

Scones and Scoundrels By Molly MacRae


A bookshop and tea room in Scotland, eccentric characters, and a rude, very unlivable visiting author make this an enjoyable cozy. First, a stranger is found dead behind the local pub. Then their visiting author, who grew up in their town, but now lives alone in the Canadian woods, shows up early with her list of demands and obnoxious manner. Whatever is going on, you can be sure that the four owners of the bookshop and tea room will be involved in solving the mystery!

Altered to Death By Christina Freeburn


Faith is busy planning her wedding, house hunting, working on a town scrapbook for the historical society, and working at her grandmothers’ scrapbook shop. The mansion which belonged to the Evertons (the town’s leading citizen) is being restored when a skeleton is unearthed. It’s another mystery to add to the disappearance of the Evertons from the town years before. But someone is willing to kill to keep the secrets buried. A quick-paced cozy that was a fun read.

The Whispering Room By Dean Koontz


The Whispering Room is the second novel in the Jane Hawk series, and I definitely think it would be best to read this series in order. This book moves a little slowly in places and suffers from middle book syndrome…a continuation of the first book and an ending without resolution. I enjoy Koontz’s writing and am looking forward to the next book in this series.

Thread the Halls By Lea Wait


In Thread the Halls, Angie is excited to spend her first Christmas back in Maine after years spent in Arizona. She wants to relive old traditions and make new ones with her boyfriend, Patrick West. Just a few days before Christmas, Patrick announces that his mother (a famous movie actress) and a group of movie people will be arriving for Christmas. Suddenly, Angie’s plans are turned upside down. One of Skye’s guests is killed, Patrick is poisoned, and Skye and the police blame Angie! A surprise ending ties up the mystery nicely so everyone can enjoy Christmas. The story quickl drew me in and I didn’t see the ending coming.

Murder for Christmas By Francis Duncan


Murder for Christmas is a classic Agatha Christie-style country house murder. Mordecai Tremaine, retired tobacconist and amateur detective is invited to spend Christmas in the country. Mordecai is a romantic, with a pince-new that is always sliding down his nose and a mild manner. Behind the mild manner is a keen and observant mind. When a body is found under the huge Christmas tree on Christmas morning, Mordecai quietly begins to work on finding the culprit. I thoroughly enjoyed this book (which was originally published in 1949) and did not realize who the real murderer was until the reveal!

Knit to Kill ByAnne Canadeo


The Black Sheep knitters are spending a weekend at an upscale beach resort to celebrate Lucy’s upcoming wedding. The first night, they encounter a hateful, mean resident…and of course his body is found on the beach the next morning. The problem is that he was rotten to so many people, there are too many suspects! Is the murderer his next-door neighbor, his present wife, his ex-wife, a coworker whom he stole an idea from, or someone else? And of course, there is knitting to help soothe the soul. How will the Black Sheep be able to solve the mystery before the week-end is over? An enjoyable cozy mystery.


Murder in the Manuscript Room By Con Lehane


Raymond Ambler is a librarian at the 42nd Street Library…and also happens to have helped the local police with murder cases. When a body is found in his office, Ambler is once again involved in crime-solving. A little slow to begin, the story gradually caught my interest and was very entertaining.

Best-Laid Plants by Marty Wingate


Another great addition to the Potting Shed Mystery series, in Best-Laid Plants, Pru and Christopher are off to the country for a visit and for Pru to work on restoring a magnificent old garden. Before Pru has a chance to actually meet the elderly owner of the garden, she finds his body in the garden…under a fallen statue. Complicated relationships and motives muddy the investigation and add to the fun. Pru is such a likable character and I continue to enjoy and recommend the books in this series.