Deadly Brew By Karen MacInerney


It’s autumn in Dewberry, Texas but it’s still hot and dry. The drought has resulted in the well on Lucy’s farm running dry. Besides worrying about the cost of a new well, Lucy has moved an historic home onto her back acreage…and it’s haunted! Looking for a little relaxation, Lucy and her boyfriend, Tobias, head to a Halloween celebration at the Mead Winery (run by two witches). The obnoxious owner of a big game ranch dies of a bee sting, and one of Lucy’s friend is arrested. Lucy believes in her innocence and is determined to figure out what really happened. I love Lucy and her friends! Pour a tall glass of ice cold tea and sit back and enjoy this cozy mystery!


The Trouble with Twelfth Grave by Darynda Jones


In The Trouble with Twelfth Grave, Charley is back but Reyes is not quite himself. Charley struggles to get him back from the hell dimension, and when he returns he seems to be all evil. Charley not only has to try to get him back to Reyes, but keep one friend from being charged with murder, send an evil priest back to hell, and protect their child. Charley is such a fun character and the stories are funny, yet filled warmth. The ending caught me completely by surprise! No spoilers, but I’m already anxious to read the next book in this series!

Wagging Through the Snow By Lauren Berenson


Melanie is busy finishing up the school term and getting ready for Christmas, when she and her family are drafted into helping her brother and ex-husband ready a run-down Christmas tree farm for the season. Of course, when Melanie and her Aunt Peg are wandering through the trees, they find a body. The police quickly decide the old hermit had gotten drunk and frozen to death, but Melanie soon believes he was killed over something from his past. Who was willing to kill over something that occurred years ago? And will the Christmas tree farm be open to sell it’s holiday cheer? Relax with a cup of hot cider and enjoy!

Before It’s Too Late By Sara Driscoll


Before It’s Too Late is a can’t-put-it-down thriller! A woman goes missing and a note is found on her dog’s leash addresses to Meg, a member of an FBI K-9 team. A coded message and a riddle start the team on a hunt to locate and try to save the woman in time. I was instantly hooked and stayed up too late because I kept needing to read just one more chapter. Meg and the other characters are well-done, their connection of the K-9 officers to their dogs is clear, and the mystery was cleverly written. Be sure to add this to the top of your TBR pile!

Running out of Time By Suzanne Trauth


Running out of Time is set in an eccentric New Jersey town during a winter cold snap. Dodie runs the local restaurant and is involved with the local theater group. The theater group is doing a twist on Our Town by building it around the first settlers in their own town. Most of the people in town have deep roots in the town, so “new” people stand out. Sally has just moved to Elton from Boston and no one knows much about her. She is in the play, and everyone likes her. Unfortunately, Dodie finds her fleeing the theater one afternoon with blood on her hands and there is a dead body on the stage! Dodie believes Sally is innocent and despite her boyfriend’s disapproval (and he is the chief of police), she soon sets out to fine the real murderer. Likeable characters and an intriguing mystery make this cozy perfect to curl up with. This is the first of the Dodie O’Dell Mysteries that I have read, and I am looking forward to reading more!

Yuletide Homicide By Jennifer David Hesse


In Yuletide Homicide, Keli is an attorney and a Wiccan (a fact that she keeps hidden from all but her closest friends). Keli and her co-worker Crenshaw are competing for a partnership position in their law firm and are assigned to look into who could be blackmailing a client. Soon, Keli finds a body and she is on the case…and in danger. In addition, the descriptions of Wiccan practices were interesting and fit nicely into the storyline.

Oh, Fudge By Nancy Coco


Oh, Fudge is set on Mackinac Island, one of my favorite places to visit. Alli inherited her grandfather’s inn and fudge shop, but she is considered a “fudgie” since she didn’t grow up on the Island. Alli finds her cousin Tori kneeling over a body, holding the weapon in her hand. Alli is determined to prove Tori’s innocence despite hurt feelings over the inheritance, romantic complications, and Alli’s failure to see anything from any point of view but her own. This is the first book I have read in the series and it works well as a standalone novel. Oh, Fudge is a fun cozy read with lots of yummy-sounding fudge recipes included!

Macrame Murder By Mollie Cox Bryan


Cora and Jane are off to a crafting retreat on an Sea Glass Island, this time as teachers in a retreat run by someone else. Cora’s boyfriend Adrian is along to spend some time with Cora, but soon he is arrested by the police as a suspect in his ex-girlfriend’s murder. The crafting sounds like so much fun and the characters are quirky and very human. The mystery kept me turning the page and all comes to a satisfactory conclusion. An excellent addition to this series.

How the Finch Stole Christmas By Donna Andrews


Meg and her wonderful, loony cast of friends and family are back along with many animals and a body or two. Meg’s husband is directing a production of A Christmas Carol and having problems with the leading actor. Scrooge is miserly and crabby, but this actor is alcoholic and obnoxious. Soon Meg is juggling investigating smuggled animals, murder, a rabid fan, and an uncooperative lead actor. And it all leads to laughs and a fun mystery. This series continues to please.

Death Distilled By Melinda Mullet


Abi is back home in Scotland, whee she has inherited a whiskey distillery. A photojournalist by profession, Abi is taking a break and setting up a charitable foundation. When she is approached by a former rock star idol to investigate suspicious accidents among his former band members, Abi can’t resist the challenge. This is the second book in this series, but it works well as a standalone novel. I do look forward to reading the first book, though. And I loved Liam, her Wheaten Terrier, since I have two of my own. A fun, swift-moving read with a current mystery, an historic murder in the background, good characters, and a wonderful setting, give this book a try!